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We as professional photographers consider sunrise as one of the best moments because the city is practically empty and there will be no people interrupting your photos, also because the light is a wonder and creates an emblematic and romantic atmosphere.

If you want to propose in the afternoon at sunset, the days with fewer people are from Monday to Thursday. On Friday, Saturday or Sunday afternoons it is also possible, but you must keep in mind that there will be many people around and it will take a little longer to prevent them from going into their photos

  • It is the right time to celebrate the YES. What better way to do it than in the city of Madrid. In this proposal photoshoot we will visit the most romantic and ideal places to take the best photos and you will be able to show off to family and friends.
  • We will start at a meeting point and from there we will tour the city. We know Madrid like the back of our hand. If you have a special place to take the photos, we can include it in the route.
  • If you want to celebrate the Yes, write us and we can arrange:
  1.  Bottle of Champagne.
  2.  Bouquet of flowers, various options.
  3.  Balloons. 
  • We make sure your order is as you’ve imagined it!
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