We make the best photoshoots session of all Madrid

There are many different photoshoot services in the city, but we are the only ones that will bring you the photo results of what you are looking for. We are experts and we love what we do! Feel comfortable and smile at the camera. With us you will get incredible and avant-garde photos well retouched ready to show off to whoever you want.

Our Story

We are a team made up of professionals in the sector who, after taking courses through schools and learning as good self-taught, had to start this adventure after the confinement caused by COVID19

At first, things went slowly, people were still afraid to go out to do activities, but as they got to know us and more tourists and travelers arrived in Madrid, our services increased day by day. More and more customers were satisfied with our photo sessions and thanks to this, we managed to expand little by little.

Today, we can be proud to provide the best photographic services to make your stay here unforgettable. A quality experience that surprises you with such amazing results. We are professionals who will make you feel comfortable during the session, thereby achieving the best poses and incredible results. The great demand for our services has allowed us to provide them at the best cost and quality. Contact us today and be part of the satisfied customers

Who we are!

Edu Espiritusanto Photoshoot Madrid

Photographer with more than 4 years of experience in the professional photography industry. Focused on portrait and event photography, this determination to photograph people has led me to found Casting Book Madrid ©, an agency created on the basis that we are all photogenic and that seeks to document the genuineness of people with a high degree of quality.

Throughout my professional career I have worked for brands such as Infiniti Desing, Rastro Live, IKB 191, Las Maravillas Social Club, Be MADRID, Wolves Tours Madrid, Waves For Water, 2060 The Newton Hostel, Chao Café Teatro, Global Shapers SD , Scotia Bank, among others.

I use my skills of empathy with my subjects to achieve a real connection during the session creating a familiar atmosphere at all times and my techniques to give it that unique style that your images deserve.

Edu Espiritusanto

Everyone has great ideas, but they only stay ideas if they aren’t carried out. The construction process involved in bringing an idea to life is one of the most satisfying things there can be.

Roberto Carlos Hernandez Feregrino

Roberto Carlos Hernandez Feregrino Photoshoot Madrid
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