Madrid Photo Shooting Session

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We like to shoot in the neighborhood of Malasaña, one of the most interesting in Madrid, and also like to shoot in the incredible park of the Retiro, more immersed in the nature. Anyhow, if you have an alternative route on your mind, we are all ears. The service lasts one more or less, where we will first put you at ease by chatting a little bit (we could also meet a half hour earlier and get a coffee or a beer) and only when you feel comfortable in front of the camera will begin the actual service.

  • We want YOU to have the BEST TIME in this city and have quality pictures of it!
  • See the curiosities about the city that only residents know while we do a photoshoot with professionals that will help you pose in a natural way.
  • Be sure to wear comfortable and practical walking shoes. You can take with you another pair for the shot if you want
  • No modeling experience is required to do this experience. Just be yourself during the session and we will take care of the rest. We compose beauty as we perceive it, through a place, a light, in a color, a camera and YOU.
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