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Additional Information

If you are getting married, you can also use your photo material for the wedding in many ways:

  • “Save The Date” to make the wedding date official,
  • Wedding invitations requiring photos,
  • The wedding website where in addition to the images you will put the practical information of the wedding or the wedding and travel list,
  • In wedding arrangements such as in the composition of the tableau de mariage, in the center of the table or with photos hanging around as a postcard decoration.

Let your creativity run wild!

  • Be Photographed with your couple in emblematic places such as Palacio Real and the beautiful Teatro Real or in Templo de Debod park for a wonderful sunset.
  • Twist to your photos, we also take photo sessions at dawn (fortunately in Madrid the sun goes up quite late in the morning).
  • Ideal for Young couples or couples who want to immortalize an important moment in their lives.
  • Also great for those who have already been married for a long time and want to renew the photos of professional couples.
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